Lumagica at Harvest Moon Farm in North Salem, New York

We recently found the perfect event to get us in the holiday- and winter- spirit: Lumagica!! Lumagica is an international holiday light show with exhibits throughout the world (Germany, Austria, Japan, Canada, and here in America). We’re fortunate enough to live less than an hour from the New York exhibit at Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard in North Salem, New York (right over the Connecticut border).

15 Interactive Ways to Explore the Museum of Broadway in New York City:

We were thrilled to be invited to the brand new Museum of Broadway in New York City this past weekend. The 26,000 square foot, three floor museum opened in November 2022 and is already receiving a lot of positive buzz. The Museum of Broadway is designed to take guests through a chronological history of “the Great White Way” (the nickname for Broadway because of the bright lights of the theater marques), with three major segments: The Map Room, The Timeline, and The Making of a Broadway Show. All three parts include tons of original costumes, scripts, daily itineraries, mock ups of sets, film footage of interviews with casts and crews, awards, and highlights of popular shows from each era. Guests begin by walking up three flights of “backstage stairs” to the dressing room area and following a path through three floors of exhibits.

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10 Ways to Explore Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida

The blog has been filled with posts featuring Florida attractions this year (see the complete index here). This week, we’re sharing a post we never got the chance to publish from the last time we visited family in the Delray Beach area: our top 10 guide to Butterfly World, located 45 minutes north of Miami and 45 minutes south of West Palm Beach.  Butterfly World in Coconut Creek is located in Tradewinds Park, which includes dozens of outdoor activities- see the full list “here. Opened in 1988, it is the largest butterfly park in the WORLD and home to over 20,000 butterflies, as well as insects, birds, macaw and more!  Butterfly World typically has up to 50 varieties of live butterflies for guests to see each visit. There are both indoor and outdoor exhibits and most guests follow the one way path (and walk over the suspension bridge) through six aviaries, gardens, and a tropical rainforest.


Six Tips For Booking the Perfect Hotel

I was recently talking with a friend who is booking a series of hotels for an upcoming road trip. We discussed some of the factors that help us pick “the perfect spot” and the conversation inspired me to share my tips with you.  This week, I am sharing six factors I always take into consideration when choosing a hotel. I’ll share a disclosure that we are partial to Marriott Hotel and have written about them in the past. But these tips are relevant for any hotel or lodging option:

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Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The “gift of time” has always been one of my favorite phrases and one of my life mantras; I believe that spending time with someone is the greatest gift. I’ve been on a mission recently to pare down our possessions (aka get.rid.of.all.the.things) and have really adopted the “less is more” mentality.  I truly believe that the one of the greatest gifts we can give someone is to spend time with them.  It is in this spirit that I am (again) sharing a “gift guide” of sorts with ideas that inspire time together. We also think many of these ideas support local and small businesses, which is always a priority for us. 

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Five Whaling Museums in the Northeast Kids Will Love

For our family, there are two necessary ingredients for a perfect adventure: water and history. We love being by, on, and even IN the water (ocean water is our favorite) and we love studying history. Even better, we love when we can combine them and learn a little nautical history. A couple of years ago, we featured this post with over a dozen attractions dedicated to boats and the boating industry and it received a lot of great feedback.  This week, we’re sharing five museums in the Northeast that include the important history of the whaling industry. The northeast has a rich history of whaling, and some ports were once known as the Whaling Capitals of the World. All five spots offer plenty of hands-on ways to engage the entire family.