10 Family Friendly Attractions in Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield, the third most populated city in Massachusetts, may be most well known as the “Birthplace of Basketball” but is also home to many historical sites and family friendly attractions.  The greater Springfield area is located in Western Massachusetts, about 90 miles west of both Boston and Providence, Rhode Island and 30 miles north of…

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25 Ways to Love the Springfield Museums in Springfield, Massachusetts

One of the most popular attractions in the Western part of Massachusetts, the Springfield Museums are a collection of five museums that showcase over 130,000 artifacts related to the areas of science, history, art, and culture. Located in downtown Springfield, the third largest city in Massachusetts, 90 minutes west of Boston and 30 minutes north…

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The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss, Springfield, MA

Springfield, Massachusetts, located about 90 minutes west of Boston, is known as the birthplace of basketball and is home to the Basketball Hall of Fame; a post on the Hall of Fame is coming soon. However, there are plenty of other places to visit if you’re in town; especially if you’re visiting with young children.   Since 2002,…

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