Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The “gift of time” has always been one of my favorite phrases and one of my life mantras; I believe that spending time with someone is the greatest gift. I’ve been on a mission recently to pare down our possessions (aka get.rid.of.all.the.things) and have really adopted the “less is more” mentality.  I truly believe that the one of the greatest gifts we can give someone is to spend time with them.  It is in this spirit that I am (again) sharing a “gift guide” of sorts with ideas that inspire time together. We also think many of these ideas support local and small businesses, which is always a priority for us. 

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Year in Review: 35 Highlights of 2020

2020 may have not been the year everyone was expecting, but we were fortunate enough to still have a lot of fun and explore a lot of very cool places. While we stuck closer to home, mainly the Tri State area and New England, we racked up 12,000 miles on our Equinox (and that’s with only driving 200 miles in 3.5 months!) and visited a lot of spots that have been on our bucket list for a while. (Read more about our just-summer bucket list here).

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of year- a time for thanksgiving, celebrations, and gift giving! Since my children were born, my husband and I have made a conscience effort to “gift” our children with experiences over tangible items. The material possessions we do gift them are purposeful- educational, enriching, and challenging. The past two years we have shared some suggestions (you can read my 2018 and 2017 gift guides) and this year we’d like to continue the tradition with some new ideas for the children in your life. And read to the end, we’ve got a GIVEAWAY TO LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER!

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Newport, Rhode Island

Growing up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, and having an avid sailor for a father, my family took many a day trip to visit Newport, Rhode Island. I can remember touring the mansions as a child, admiring the boats at the Newport Boat Show with my dad, and enjoying the beaches, restaurants, and various outdoor recreational activities during the summer. As an adult, I have returned to Newport many time, with my husband for a weekend getaway and with girlfriends as an escape from the duties of motherhood. Recently,  my family spent Thanksgiving weekend celebrating the start to the holiday season in the “City By the Sea.” You can read all about our holiday celebrations here.

However, you would need months (possibly years)  to explore every place in the city, so I think Newport should be on everyone’s list; better yet, if you live within a few hours, it’s worth making visits each season. The city is filled with visitors during the summer months and you absolutely should visit during the summer. However, there is also plenty to do during the winter.

If you need help planning a visit to Newport, is the perfect planning tool. It’s extremely easy to navigate and full of ideas based on your preferences for activities, food, accommodations, and budget. There is also a massive directory for weddings planning. The online calendar was up to date and quickly linked me to websites and phone numbers. It also covers more than “just” the city of Newport, by including both Newport and Bristol Counties. I’ve organized suggestion based on two popular areas of town:

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Celebrating the Holiday Season in Newport, RI

Founded in 1639 and known as the “City by the Sea”, Newport, Rhode Island has been welcoming beach lovers to its sandy shores every since that time. During the famous “Gilded Age” in America, business tycoons built summer “cottages” to retreat to during the summer months. Today, the mansions of Newport are still the most visited spots in the city; however, there is so much to do in Newport after touring the mansions and surfing in the ocean waters.

Growing up on the South Shore of Massachusetts, and having an avid sailor for a father, my family took many day trips to visit Newport. As an adult, I have returned to Newport many times: with my husband for a weekend getaway and with girlfriends as an escape from the duties of motherhood. This past weekend, I took my husband and children to explore Newport in the “shoulder season” and usher in the holiday season. Today’s post begins a series of all Newport has to offer:

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10 New York City Holiday Events to Do with Children

Note: I know it’s early October, and you might be thinking that I am rushing fall. But trust me, you need to plan ahead when it comes to the holidays. Having a plan (and in most cases, a firm reservation) will make any experience with children go a lot smoother- especially when you’re going to a big city like New York. I made my NYC plans back in July, but thought it might be a little risky to share this post in the summer. The holidays are a-coming and if you can, you’ll want to make time to bring the kids to New York.


New York City is magical any time of year, but there is something extra special about visiting during the holiday season. Whether it’s the department store window displays, the streets lined with twinkling lights, or the endless concerts and shows going to “The City” will put everyone in the holiday spirit.  


Now, while many adults could enjoy simply taking in the sites with a walk, children need to be kept busy. Entertained. Contained. Walking down a busy avenue with a toddler or young child is not a leisurely stroll. My family and I frequently go into New York, but we always have a plan. A destination. A place where my children will be contained. We usually make a stop at the Rockefeller Tree for an annual photo and we’ve done lunch at Serendipity and Carmine’s. Each year I try and find something new to do to celebrate the holidays. Here are some of my favorite activities to do with kids in New York City:

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