Fun in Waterbury, Connecticut: Mattatuck Museum and Fascia’s Chocolates

Waterbury, Connecticut is Connecticut’s 5th largest city, located in the western part of the state on the Naugatuck River. The “Brass City” is known for its waterways and was once the heart of the American brass industry, employing over 50,000 brass workers in the early 1900s.  Waterbury was once part of the Mattatuck Plantation, so it is fitting that the museum, situated directly across from the Waterbury Green, that celebrates the history of the area is called the Mattatuck Museum. The museum showcases the industries, culture, arts, and history of Waterbury and the surrounding Naugatuck Valley area with three floors of exhibits and rotating displays.

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Food Trail #2: Chocolate Shop Trail in Western Connecticut

Last week, we shared our first Food Trail, featuring 8 places to test homemade cupcakes in Coastal Fairfield County. Since then, many readers have shared additional spots we MUST try, so we’ll be adding to the trail soon! This week, we’re sharing the 2nd food trail in western Connecticut: chocolate shops. We think these food tours are a great way to spend an afternoon (or full day) as a family, try new foods (or new flavors of old favorites), and support local businesses. Here are 7 spots for homemade chocolates, and other delicious items.

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Ten Places Every Family Should Visit in Hershey and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Hershey, Pennsylvania may be known as a chocolate lover’s paradise and a dreamland for thrill seekers. Indeed, a visit to Hersheyland amusement park is a MUST when you are in town, but there are also many other places to explore in both Hershey, a town originally named Derry Church and changed to honor the man who created thousands of jobs and industry in the 20th century, and nearby Harrisburg, the capitol of Pennsylvania. As you drive through downtown Hershey, check out the streetlights- 55 of them are dressed up as wrapped “kisses” and 52 streetlights are dressed up as unwrapped “kisses.”

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