10 Kid Friendly Winter Activities at Crystal Springs Resort in New Jersey

One of our favorite highlights of 2020 was the opportunity to visit Crystal Springs Resort in northwestern New Jersey (an hour from New York City), and from the moment we left the resort property, our children have been asking to return. Since we first visited during the summer, we thought it would be fun to see the resort during the winter (ish) season. So this past weekend we headed back to New Jersey’s favorite resort (a well-earned title) for a Winter Wonderland weekend of holiday magic.

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Our Summer 2020 Recap

Summer 2020 wasn’t exactly what we were expecting, and it definitely wasn’t what we had been planning for a LONG time. June marked a milestone birthday for me and we had planned on celebrating with a big trip to places that have been on our bucket list for many year. Luckily, we rescheduled this trip for next summer- so cross your fingers and stay tuned!

Each summer, we make individual “Bucket Lists” of things we want to do. Some common goals that the four of us shared are part of the highlights below. We’re grateful we were able to accomplish so much and fully recognize how fortunate we are. Here are the highlights:

Once the pandemic hit, we knew we’d have to shift our perspective and our travel plans. Our major goals for any trip include: staying safe and healthy; doing our best to keep others safe and healthy; respecting local and state guidelines and regulations; learning new things; having fun.

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30 Ways to Have Fun at Crystal Springs Resort in New Jersey

Crystal Springs Resort, the largest golf resort in the Northeast, offers so much more than “just” golf for families, couples, and friends who vacation together. Located in the northern part of New Jersey, an hour from Manhattan, the resort includes two resorts, situated three miles apart: Grand Cascades Lodge and Minerals. The resorts feature six golf courses (4 courses with 18 holes and 2 courses with 9 holes); 10 restaurants, bistros, and grills; three pool complexes; and hundreds (literally!) of ways to have fun. I spent a wonderful weekend at Grand Cascades Lodge two years ago with college friends and have wanted to bring my family back ever since that visit.

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