Year in Review: 2022 Highlights

This past year, 2022, was an incredibly difficult year for our family. Our son unexpectedly passed away on January 1st, and while we don’t get too personal on this blog and choose to focus on our travel adventures, we could not reflect on the year without acknowledging our profound loss and deep sadness. We did honor our son with several adventures by exploring new cities and starting new traditions. It is always with a sense of gratitude that we look back on all the places we visited in the past year. We reflected on five years of adventures in this post celebrating the 5th birthday of the blog.


Year in Review: 35 Highlights of 2020

2020 may have not been the year everyone was expecting, but we were fortunate enough to still have a lot of fun and explore a lot of very cool places. While we stuck closer to home, mainly the Tri State area and New England, we racked up 12,000 miles on our Equinox (and that’s with only driving 200 miles in 3.5 months!) and visited a lot of spots that have been on our bucket list for a while. (Read more about our just-summer bucket list here).

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