Hershey World in Hershey, Pennsylvania

10 Money Saving Travel Tips

We have always prioritized spending time with our children and gifting them experiences over material possessions (see this post and this post). Traveling with children can be expensive, but we’ve learned a few tricks over the past decade for saving money while road tripping.

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The Inn at Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, TN

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is known for being the home of Dolly Parton, a mecca for mini golf loving-race car driving- carnival rider seeking tourists, and as the gateway to The Great Smoky Mountains, the most popular of the 58 National Parks in America.

After hiking and exploring the mountains, we treated ourselves to an overnight at a magical place where it’s Christmas every day: The Inn at Christmas Place. It’s located right on the “Parkway” (Route 441, also known as the main strip of all things Pigeon Forge), but once you step inside, you’ll swear you’re on the North Pole. Children of ALL ages will love the magic of the Inn at Christmas Place.

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Why I Love Staying at Marriott Hotels

Airbnb and Homeaway are popular ideas when it comes to housing while traveling and I love the idea of staying in a neighborhood and really becoming part of a community. I also know several people who love hitting the road in their camp or trailer, or even camping in an old fashioned tent, communing with nature. For me, and my husband and young(er) children, it’s less hassle and gives me more of a “vacation” versus “trip” feel to stay in a hotel when we’re traveling as a family. I like the idea of someone making my bed with fresh sheets each day, whipping up breakfast, and helping me navigate around a new place.

My family has become loyal fans of the Marriott company. You’ll read specifics about my favorite Marriott properties in some of my posts, but my favorite brand of the company is the Residence Inn. Residence Inns are designed to feel more like a home than a “regular” hotel room. Plus, they’re consistent in many ways I appreciate:

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