StoryLand in Glen, New Hampshire

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Opened in 1954, StoryLand is a nursery rhyme themed amusement park that will take you back in time. Story Land is located in Glen, New Hampshire, a small community in the town of Bartlett in the beautiful White Mountains. It’s a short, ten minute drive to the town of  North Conway (a popular skiing destination) with many family friendly things to do. StoryLand is fun for the whole family, but it especially caters to younger children in size, calmer rides (with a few exceptions for the thrill seekers), and plenty of interactive shows and meets and greets. Even on a busy day, you won’t wait more than 30 minutes for a ride (and that’s an unusually long time)

Traveling with Kids:

  • Take advantage of the “After 3pm, next day free” policy. You can arrive after 3pm (in July and August, 2pm during other months) on one day and return the next day for free. Other coupons and promotions won’t work with this policy, but for my family, we found it to be the most economical. The park is usually open 9:30-6pm every day during peak season (mid June- Labor Day). We arrive at 2:50pm the first day, wait in line for 5-10 minutes, enjoy a couple of hours in the park, and return the next day for a full day of fun. Bonus:  You’ll bypass the majority of the line on the day you do arrive for the 9:30am opening. Check here for other promotions.
  • Bring the stroller and wear comfy shoes. The park is spread out over 36 acres and there are some (short, but one steep) hills. You’ll want a spot for toddlers to rest, and a spot to hold your stuff. They do have strollers to rent. You can also take the Huff Puff & Whistle train around the park.
  • You’re allowed to come and go from the park, (just get your hand stamped at Yum Yum Junction) which is a huge relief if you want to go back to a hotel for nap time. You can also return to your car to retrieve items. We always bring snacks and drinks with us. We keep a cooler in the car with water bottles and healthy snacks. A couple of times throughout the day, I’ll retrieve fresh water bottles to avoid the sugary drinks. There is a wide variety of meal options throughout the park.
  • Stock up on sunscreen and hats. Parts of the park are shaded by trees and they do attempt to have coverings over the areas where lines for for popular rides, but it’s still a good idea to protect your skin.
  • Four of the five bathrooms have Baby Bungalows, with space to change babies and quiet, private spaces for nursing.
  • You can rent lockers throughout the park. Particularly for rides like Splash Battle and Dr Geyser’s Raft Ride where it’s likely you (and your stuff) will get wet, or even soaked, you’ll want to store your stuff. From my recollection, the lockers can fit a small backpack.
  • There’s a FREE pet kennel facility on property. It’s first come, first served and has 26 individual kennel spaces. You must bring your own food for your animal. You are able to take the animals in and out of the kennel throughout the day.  Note: The area is not supervised.

Rides Toddlers will Love:

  • Getting their driver’s license (additional charge) and driving an antique car or Farm Tractor, riding on the German carousel, or flying high in the Flying Fish or Dutch Shoes
  • Burning off some energy running around the Little Dreamers Nursery Rhyme and Buccaneer Bay play areas.
  • Cooling off in Dr. Geyser’s Mini Geysers sprinkler area
  • Catching a show with Cinderella, Daniel Tiger, Mother Goose, or Farm Follies. There are many interactive shows offered throughout each day.

Rides Older Kids will Love:

  • Meet and Greets with Mother Goose, Humpty Dumpty, and other popular nursery rhyme characters
  • Cooling off at Dr Geyser’s Raft Ride, Bamboo Shoots, and Splash Battle
  • Getting an aerial view from the Roar o Saurus, a wooden roller coaster; Polar Coaster, a smaller roller coaster; and the  Great Balloon Chase
  • Getting dizzy spinning on the Cuckcoo Clockenspiel, Flying Fish, and Turtle Twirl.

Eating Nearby:  There are dozens of restaurant options in the greater North Conway area. Here are a few favorites our family has enjoyed over the years:

  • Red Fox Bar & Grill in Jackson is a place we visit every time we’re in the area. It’s less than five minutes from Story Land. They have a massive menu, tons of space, and even have a playroom for children if you do have to wait. Make sure someone in your party gets the wood fire pizza. Make sure you leave a few minutes to walk across the street and explore the iconic covered bridge.
  • Red Jacket Mountainview Resort in North Conway has a few options for dining. We like the upstairs dining room for the views, as well as the daily buffet option. It’s reasonably priced and the buffet has a different theme each day.
  • Muddy Moose Restaurant and Pub is probably one of the most popular restaurants for families in the area. We went once; the food was good and the service attentive. However, it is always crowded. We had to wait about 45 minutes when we went and that was on the shorter end. The restaurant is also loud when crowded.
  • Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewing Company  is the place to visit if you need your craft beer fit. Plus, it has quirky decor to keep children entertained, and a good variety of food options. 

Staying Local: We’ve been fortunate to stay in the home of a childhood friend whose family has a second home in Jackson, New Hampshire. However, I did take notice of a Residence Inn in North Conway, which I would imagine would be a good fit for families. The Red Jacket Mountainview Resort is a beautiful resort, with a ton of family activities (for every season). Kids especially like the Kahuna Laguna Indoor Water Park. We’ve been there for meals and have had very positive experiences.

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