The Health Museum in Houston, Texas

Opened in 1996 in Houston, the John P. McGovern Museum of Health and Medical Science, aka The Health Museum for short, welcomes over two million visitors each year. Recently renovated, the museum also has plans to expand the four permanent exhibits in the near future.  The Health Museum is located in the Houston Museum District, an area encompassing 19 different museums and recreational spots, along with plenty of restaurant options.  On a recent trip to Houston (stay tuned for an upcoming post on all things family-friendly in Houston), we had the chance to explore The Health Museum.  If you’re local to the Houston area, I recommend checking out their programming schedule; there is a wide variety of classes and camps offered throughout the year (they even have real organ dissections!!).

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Take the Kids to the Ballgame

Growing up in Boston, it was literally in my DNA to root for the Red Sox. When I first met my husband, and found out that he was also a Sox fan, I knew we were meant for each other. We’ve been going to Fenway Park for years, and when we made it our mission to see each and every ballpark in the country, the idea for summer road trips (and this blog) was born. Bringing our children along for the games has certainly given us a new perspective… But in many ways, the experience has become even more enjoyable.

I wrote about kid-friendly aspects of ballparks for Kidventurous a couple of years ago. But since then, we’ve discovered several new perks to bringing the kids along to watch America’s Pastime.

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