10 Ways to Explore the Museum of Math in New York City

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YES! There is actually a museum to celebrate math; a museum filled with dozens of hands-on, interactive puzzles, challenges, and activities that celebrate all facets of mathematics. Located across the street from Madison Square Park, the National Museum of Mathematics opened in 2012 and welcomes visitors of all ages through daily family friendly activities, field trips, after school programs, enrichment workshops for teachers and students, and a museum that is open all year.

Travel Tips:

  • The museum is open 364 day a year (closed on Thanksgiving Day) from 10am-5pm but does close early on some Wednesdays; more information on admission rates and hours here.
  • The museum covers two floors (floor zero and floor -1) and is handicap accessible with an elevator; strollers are allowed, but we don’t think the toddler set will want to sit for long. Check out the exhibition map here.
  • There is a coat room located behind the gift shop near the entrance.
  • Restrooms are located on both exhibit floors.
  • Information on how to get to the museum and where to park here.
  • No dining facilities on site, but check out this list of nearby restaurants that offer a discount.
  • Check out the list of special events with both online and in person options, including MathPlay  and MathDiscovery, here.
  • Plan on 90-120 minutes to explore all exhibition spaces.

Our favorite Ways to Explore the Museum of Mathematics:

  1. Spin the chair inside the cylindrical chamber to create curves in the Hyper Hyperboloid
  2. Roll over uniquely shaped acorns for a smooth ride on the Coaster Rollers 
  3. Pedal a square wheeled trike round and round in the circular track
  4. Keep the pace in the full body velocity challenge in Motionscape
  5. Figure out the fastest track for the cart by adjusting the path in Tracks of Galileo
  1. Position the basketball shooter just right to make the shot in Hoop Curves
  2. Design your own symmetric pattern in Polypaint
  3. Create original designs in both Tessellation Station and Water Frieze
  4. Try collecting the exact number of balls in each tube in Mind Over Matter
  5. Take a seat in the Enigma Cafe and try some of the brainteasers

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Disclosure: My family was given a media pass to explore the museum; all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. It was great fun especially for a math person to show children how math affects everything. Love the pictures! So many activities, Thank you!It was great fun.

  2. I had no idea there was a museum of math in NYC! This looks like such a fun and interactive way to explore math concepts with kids.

  3. I had no idea there was such thing as a Museum of Math! I think my husband would love this place. It also seems like such a great interactive museum for kids. Thanks for sharing!

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