President Theodore Roosevelt’s Inaugural National Historic Site

On a recent trip to Toronto, my family made an unplanned stop in Buffalo, New York for the weekend. More on why we needed to stop in Buffalo and why we’re glad we did in an upcoming post. I always bring my Passport to the National Parks on road trips, and I quickly realized that the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historical Site was close by, in the Allentown area of Buffalo.

Theodore Roosevelt, the youngest president in the history of United States, took office after President McKinley was assassinated at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition. At the time, the house was owned by Ansley Wilcox, a prominent local lawyer, and his wife, friends of then vice president Roosevelt.  TR, as he was later referred to, rushed to Buffalo immediately upon hearing the news that McKinley had been shot, and returned to the home a few days later, when McKinley died, to be sworn in as the 26th president of the United States.

The one hour, partially guided tour, has many interactive components. See if your children can “I Spy” our favorite parts:

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