Sports Halls of Fame

Whether you are a novice player and want to learn the rules and history of a sport, or a hard core enthusiast who wants to challenge their sports trivia knowledge and relive legendary moments, Sports Halls of Fame are a great place to visit with children. There’s a Hall of Fame for just about every sport and they are very family friendly. Here are some highlights from Halls of Fame (HoFs) my family has visited over the years:


Five Can’t Miss Exhibits at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

No trip to Toronto would be complete without paying homage to the national winter sport of Canada: hockey.  The original Hockey Hall of Fame opens it’s doors in 1961 and then expanded and moved to the current location at Brookfield Place in downtown Toronto in 1993. Throughout the early 2000s, the museum updated and expanded many of the exhibits.  There are a lot of financial offices located inside Brookfield Place, but families might enjoy lunch at one of the quick service spots or local restaurants inside the complex.  Be sure to look up and check out the architecture.

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