Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum in Boston, Massachusetts

I love Boston; It’s my hometown. Even though I moved to Connecticut almost twenty years ago, I still consider myself a Bostonian and love exploring the city whenever I am in town visiting my parents. The list of places to explore with my children is long (hello, Freedom Trail!), but on a recent trip, I thought we’d start with an experience I keep reading rave reviews of: The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. The tour and museum did not disappoint; this is one of the most engaging, humorous tours I have experienced. The tour guides (all of whom impersonate actual historical figures) were upbeat, friendly, and welcoming to children. Children of all ages will enjoy the experience. (**toddlers might need to skip one small section of the museum; see below)

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The Health Museum in Houston, Texas

Opened in 1996 in Houston, the John P. McGovern Museum of Health and Medical Science, aka The Health Museum for short, welcomes over two million visitors each year. Recently renovated, the museum also has plans to expand the four permanent exhibits in the near future.  The Health Museum is located in the Houston Museum District, an area encompassing 19 different museums and recreational spots, along with plenty of restaurant options.  On a recent trip to Houston (stay tuned for an upcoming post on all things family-friendly in Houston), we had the chance to explore The Health Museum.  If you’re local to the Houston area, I recommend checking out their programming schedule; there is a wide variety of classes and camps offered throughout the year (they even have real organ dissections!!).

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10 Kid Friendly Ways to Explore Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee is widely known as the Home of Blues, Soul, and Rock & Roll. Located on on the Mississippi River, in southwestern Tennessee, the downtown area is filled with plenty of chances to sample barbecue and a wide variety of music, making it a popular destination for couples and groups of friends looking to have a good time. However, as I planned for a summer road trip stopping in Tennessee, I quickly discovered that Memphis also has a lot to offer for families.

Start by going to It’s full of helpful suggestions for where to go, what to do, and where to stay. They’ve even categorized lists such as “Weird Things to Do” and “Best Barbecue.” I found the website incredibly useful in planning our visit. Here are some of our suggestions:

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Ten Ways to Beat the Heat with Kids in Little Rock, Arkansas

On a recent trip out west, we stopped in Little Rock, Arkansas for the weekend. I knew Little Rock is known for being the home of America’s 42nd President, Bill Clinton and I knew I’d want to stop at the Clinton Center and Park to explore the museum and earn a stamp in my Presidential Libraries passport.

Yet, as I read through to search for other things to do, I quickly discovered that Little Rock is a very family friendly city and my list of “must visit” spots quickly grew! I was warned that Little Rock gets hot in the summer; Indeed, on the weekend we visited, it rose to almost one hundred degrees each day. However, the heat did not interfere too much with our plans- there are so many family friendly things to do inside (many of them are FREE!) that we could beat the heat and still have a lot of fun exploring the city. We found Little Rock to be very pedestrian friendly (drivers actual stop for people waiting in a cross walk!) and easy to walk from place to place. We walked to almost all of the following places from our hotel, but you could also take a Rock Region Metro Streetcar, which kids might enjoy. I am already planning another visit to Little Rock; it looks like they have just as many activities for year round fun!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

This might seem odd: a family travel blogger posting a holiday gift guide? Absolutely!  I have been offering advice and my personal experiences to so many people recently, I thought I would share with everyone.

I am a huge proponent of giving experiences for the holidays instead of material possessions.  

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10 New York City Holiday Events to Do with Children

Note: I know it’s early October, and you might be thinking that I am rushing fall. But trust me, you need to plan ahead when it comes to the holidays. Having a plan (and in most cases, a firm reservation) will make any experience with children go a lot smoother- especially when you’re going to a big city like New York. I made my NYC plans back in July, but thought it might be a little risky to share this post in the summer. The holidays are a-coming and if you can, you’ll want to make time to bring the kids to New York.


New York City is magical any time of year, but there is something extra special about visiting during the holiday season. Whether it’s the department store window displays, the streets lined with twinkling lights, or the endless concerts and shows going to “The City” will put everyone in the holiday spirit.  


Now, while many adults could enjoy simply taking in the sites with a walk, children need to be kept busy. Entertained. Contained. Walking down a busy avenue with a toddler or young child is not a leisurely stroll. My family and I frequently go into New York, but we always have a plan. A destination. A place where my children will be contained. We usually make a stop at the Rockefeller Tree for an annual photo and we’ve done lunch at Serendipity and Carmine’s. Each year I try and find something new to do to celebrate the holidays. Here are some of my favorite activities to do with kids in New York City:

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