National Park Guide: Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

This post is the first in a series we’ll be sharing about our adventures of summer 2021, when we embarked on a 4 week road trip that included 9 National Parks (bringing our total to 12) and many other cool sites across the country. We must disclose that we are NOT serious hikers, even after this trip. The pandemic afforded our family the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors more, and that let to a whole new appreciation of nature. While we researched, experienced, and fact checked all information in this post, many parts of it are still only our personal opinions (how difficult a trail is, how long it takes to complete, what we chose to do and not do). We’ve provided links to the NPS site so our readers can make their own decisions about what adventures they want to experience in the park.

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10 Lessons We Learned from Exploring National Parks

We just wrapped up a pretty great summer that included an awesome (in the real denotation of that word) road trip from Nevada to Connecticut. We explored nine National Parks, bringing our total to 12 National Parks (read about our adventures at Acadia and Great Smoky Mountains). We wrote a post about why we love National Parks a few years ago and have since added more reasons to explore NPS sites.

In the coming weeks, we will share guides to all nine parks we explored this summer (Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Arches, Rocky Mountains, Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave, and Badlands). But first, we thought we’d start with some of lessons we learned and how they translate outside of the parks, too:

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10 Must Have Hiking Supplies

Our 2020 rescheduled road trip is coming up soon and our whole family is getting excited. While we’re keeping our itinerary a secret, you’ll be able to gather from this post, and some of our most recently themed posts, that we will be doing a lot of hiking (which our family defines as walking outside for a few miles on a well marked path). You can read about some of the Connecticut places we have explored for hiking (again, we’re using that term loosely) in this post, this post, this post, and this post. We are NOT serious hikers, and at first thought we didn’t necessarily need anything other than sneakers for a hike.

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10 National Park Sites to Go on a Virtual Tour While Staying Home

have been toying with the idea of posting content related to the current climate of staying home during the COVID 19 pandemic since the crisis started last month. My focus of this blog has always been family focused, education fun and traveling throughout the United States. I thought about posts regarding things to keep kids busy, new skills kids can learn, favorite family board games and books (I might still share that post), and how to avoid boredom. But those posts didn’t seem that original or enlightening. So we’re sticking with what we know best: family travel.

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20 Places We Love in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is my home state and I am proud to be a Bostonian and loyal Red Sox- Patriots- Celtics- Bruins fan (although, truth be told, I really only follow baseball). Growing up, my family explored many parts of Massachusetts, but over the past 30+ years many new places have opened. Whenever we visit my family, or my husband’s extended family who lives in the western part of the state, we find a new spot to enjoy. I hope to keep adding to this list over time, and expect to create a list for each New England state (eventually, maybe EVERY state!)

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10 Places We Love in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a big state- over 46,000 square miles, over 12 million people, and several popular cities. I remember the first time my husband and I, pre-children, drove a lengthy part of Interstate 76 to get to Pittsburgh (one of the first baseball parks we visited); it felt like the road went on forever. Many years later, we have travelled through most of Pennsylvania (and traveling 330 miles in one day is now a breeze- our record is 710 miles in one day!) and found a lot of spots we love! Although there are many more places we have yet to visit, here are our top 10 family friendly spots in Pennsylvania:

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