13 Living History Museums on the East Coast Kids Will Love

While traditional museums have priceless artifacts and works of art that are important to see (read why here), kids tend to be more engaged when they can get up close to history. One of the best opportunities for kids to engage with live interpreters and engage with tangible artifacts is a living history museum. Living history museums have indoor and outdoor exhibits, interactive displays, and daily programs and informative demonstrations. Many museums even offer summer camps for children. Most museums do close during winter hours (some spots keep indoor exhibits open), so we’re sharing this list now, as everything prepares to open for the 2021 season. Here are 13 of our favorite spots on the East Coast and two more that are on our 2021 list:

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10 Things to Do in Historic Yorktown, Virginia

Yorktown, Virginia, a tiny town located on the banks of the York River, is synonymous with the American Revolution, as it is the sight of the last major battle of the Revolution in the fall of 1781, when British General Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington. The town is also known for its port, the largest between Charleston and Philadelphia, and tobacco trading. Today, the town honors its role in American history with several historical sites, museums, and activities to help visitors better understand the American Revolution.

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