Having a Back Up Plan

If you are one of my regular followers, you know how important I think having an alternate plan is; I hate surprises and always try to anticipate problems ahead of traveling with my family. As much as I try and plan when I pack a suitcase and pack the car for a trip, undoubtedly something unexpected will come up.

While there will always be some things out of my control, and some things I just won’t anticipate, knowing how I will deal with the unexpected when it inevitably comes up takes some of the pressure off of me. Here are my top tips:

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New York Public Library, New York City

My children are OBSESSED with reading (good problem to have, I know). They can’t get enough of books. Exactly one year ago, we were in New York City to see a Broadway play for my daughter’s birthday. We were exploring Bryant Park and saw the New York City Library. We had an hour before the show and it was too cold to “walk around the city” so we decided to check out the library. We ended up spending most of our time in the children’s room, but I made note of the tour group that passed us and vowed to return. We did, exactly one year later.

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York City Library opened in 1911 and probably the most well known of the 92 properties in the library system. It’s one of four research centers, in addition to the 88 circulation branches located throughout Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Some areas of the library are open to the general public and some are reserved for credentialed people who visit to complete research. The library offers audio tour for a nominal fee at any time the library is open, but also offers free, guided tours tour twice a day. Check in at the docent desk in Astor Hall. Make sure you check times and get there early, as tour spaces are limited.

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