National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum

The major impetus for the road trips my family has become known for is our love of baseball. To date, we’ve seen 22 of the 30 Major League baseball parks and we’re on track to visit two more in 2018. We love baseball. So when we planned a trip to visit friends near Utica, New York we decided to make a short detour to visit the village of Cooperstown, New York, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Independently owned, the National Baseball Hall of Fame elected its first class in 1936 and the original Hall of Fame (which sits on the property of the current museum) opened in 1939. It was built in Cooperstown because of a now debunked theory that Abner Doubelday invented the sport in Cooperstown in 1839.

The museum is quite popular, welcoming about 275,000 visitors each year; on a typical summer day, the museum sees over 2,000 visitors. Many nearby attractions are only open in season (in April-May and September-October with limited hours, and full time June-August), which would make a summer visit appealing. However, if you really want to linger and get up close to every display and plaque in the Hall of Fame (and still have lots of lodging and restaurant choices), come in the quiet off season. I imagine mid and late October would be especially beautiful with the foliage.